I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I finally sat down to binge watch Stranger Things 3 with some friends today and had a fantastic time. We ate a bunch of food, laid around on couches, and watched all 8 episodes in a row.

One thought that stuck with me throughout was, “damn this would make such a good video game!” which of course reminded me of the cancelled Telltale game that is supposedly still being developed by Netflix. Will it be good? Who knows. I always get a bit wary when the dev teams and production schedules get messed up by major shifts, so I don’t have high hopes.


What I do know is that Stranger Things really deserves its own major game release. I haven’t played the recent retro game - I’ll likely try it at some point and probably have fun, but the show is such a great homage to the 80s with modernized effects and plots that it needs its own modern game. The world created in Stranger Things, the characters, the story, the art and music, all scream video game. Whether that is an adventure game, an open world action game, a role playing game, or a mixture of all three, I don’t know. The cultural feeling of it all is so tangible that it’s surprising one hasn’t already been in the works after the success of season 1.

So I just have to wonder - with all the media mixing between games and movies and TV, all the retro throwbacks, all the cashing in on nostalgia that’s been dominating media for 10+ years - is anyone working on a AAA Stranger Things game? Is it possible there just hasn’t been any discussion or movement around that? Or is there some game being made we just don’t know about? Or is the hopefully salvaged Telltale game it? I hope what Netflix has taken over turns out well. I hope it fills this palpable hole in the Stranger Things universe. If it doesn’t, I hope someone else does.

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