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Love is a stong...strong emotion. Even wars have been fought over this sense of adoration, from Troy totally robbing that Spartan chick, to the battle between Jacob and Edward fangirls.

So it’s to no surprise that many a piece of fiction has been written about the subject, or including the emotion. Love is a particularly potent plot device, and many video games have used it as the basis of the plot, conflict, exposition etc.


Some examples of games with love as the main plot device:

  • Catherine (see above)
    - Illicit Lust leads to bad times.

  • Hatoful Boyfriend
    - Pidgeon Love at its finest.
  • Dante’s Inferno
    - Satan stole his chick
  • Shadows of the Damned
    - Demon stole his chick...this time with guns!

Some games may use love as a secondary point of conflict, as a side plot to the bigger ongoing plot, or even a device used to further the main story. For example, the love rivalry side plot between Cecil and Kain with Rosa in Final Fantasy 4.


A big example of where love was used as a story advancement tool would be in Grand Theft Auto 4. If Roman had not been enamored with Mallorie, then Mikhail would have never had to been killed by Niko, which would never have led to Dimitri looking into his background and so on.

Love doesn’t have to be love in the traditional sense either! Family love and even Bromance can lead to some interesting stories and plot devices. Bromance is probably best known from the Army of Two or Gears of War games, be it Dom/Marcus or Salem/Rios

- Penny Arcade; Mar. 16, 2009

Love for one’s family is also very strong, and revenge tends to be the main plot device of action when it comes to family love in games. Rememberence is also quite strong as it’s seen with Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us.


So the question I pose to my fellow TAYers and others. What game do you believe has the strongest love connection in relation to the plot, in the games you have played?

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