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Things to Do Before Legion Launches

The Legion is Coming! The Legion is Coming!

World of Warcraft: Legion launches next week. Like other expansions, I’ve resubbed and jumped into the pre-launch event, “The Burning Legion Invasions”. Those Invasions get old pretty quickly, so here’s a few things to do in the World of Warcraft while waiting.

Grab Your ILvl 700 set


While the invasions do get old, it is worthwhile to put some time in to grab a full ILvl 700 set. Completing several invasions should net you the entire set. Completing the invasions will also grant you some nether shards. These can be used to purchase trinkets, necklaces, and rings to complete the set. There are different weapons obtainable in the reward chests. These can be upgraded to ILvl 725 if you want to farm 750 shards to spend on the upgrade item. The non reward items can be purchased in your main faction hub at the Illidari vendor.

Run Some Old Content

Kael’Thas is about to have a set back...

I’ve been around the World of Warcaft for a long time. Playing the game on and off since The Burning Crusade. During that time, I never spent much of it doing any sort of raiding except for a small fraction of WotLK. That’s all fixed now with my level 100 toon.

Running this old content, may not be the most satisfying, but it can still be pretty rewarding. A lot of awesome transmogs, mounts and pets can be found within these old dungeons and raid. The okay amount of gold you can make is not bad either. Any content pre-Mists is pretty easy to solo, most mechanics are made obsolete by the sheer amount of damage output. Pet users be wary as some fights do have mind control mechanics that can reset the fight should they target you and not your pet.


Some general favorites of mine to run:

Transmog Your Wardrobe

Let’s Take a S.E.L.F.I.E.

Transmogs was the best thing to come out of the Mists of Panderia expansion. Now you can always have your favourite look as long as your willing to pay a few gold and run some content.

Transmogging is quite simple. Find a piece of equipment you like (as long as it’s wearable on you, |ex. no plate for cloth users| and isn’t legendary). Go to the main faction city (Stormwind or Orgrimmar), and find the Ethereals. One of them will open a wardrobe window where you can assemble your attire.


I’m currently wearing the Tier 5 Warlock set look from The Burning Crusade, The Corruptor Raiment. My sword (not shown) is currently using the Hatestrike look.

Some stuff can take a while to get. My favorite staff transmog took several weeks of farming Temple of Ahn’Qiraj to get the materials needed for the quest to obtain the staff. So plan accordingly.


Farm Some Mounts


One of the best reasons to run old content is the chance at obtaining some pretty rocking mounts. I ran Firelands the other day and managed to grab this flying mount. Here’s a quick list of some content to run and the associated mounts.

You can also farm some reputation and grab each of your faction’s racial mounts.

Battle/Collect Some Pets


The Pet battle system is fun in some ways. I never understood the appeal of it. It is a time waster though. Running some old content can even net you some pets as drops of certain bosses. If you do put some time into your pets, there are some rewards.

Level a New Toon


With the invasions in full force now, all 6 locations have invasions going pretty constantly. These invasions are also perfect to level a new toon. XP is gained quickly so it’s not hard to get to level 100 in a short time.

A word of the wise. If you are planning to level a DPS toon, this method of leveling is fine. If you are planning to heal or tank, I’d recommend going the traditional method and run dungeons. Healing and tanking require practice and people don’t want to deal with someone who can’t do their job. DPS is fine because you’re going to end up learning your main ability rotation anyway. Crowd control practice is more communication/situation based.


Work on Professions

While Legion is following the Warlords of Draenor method of professions by allowing people to create new gear at low profession level. It doesn’t hurt to work on professions now, and make some gold in the meantime.


The gathering professions are always handy and can make you a good bit of gold on the auction house. Auction off stacks of 200 units + undercut the current low buyout price = profit.

Tailoring, Alchemy and Inscription can make some good gold on the AH. Bags made by tailors are always fast to go on the market, and are very useful to increase your backpack and bank inventory. Alchemy can create elixirs that sell pretty high, since raiders require them to raid efficiently. Those invested in Inscription, can play the gambling game with people and create cards that may or may not net the buyer 5000 gold.


These are just some ideas on how to waste the next 6 days and however many hours to go until Legion launches. I plan to take my time and enjoy the lore and story as I make my way through the Broken Isles.


Id like to see what everyone else likes to do while awaiting the invasion. Share with me your favorite transmogs and content to run!

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