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Things You Need/Want To Do Before Death Comes For A Visit

Ok, maybe I overdid the whole "dying" theme with the title image, but I kept it to point something out. . . . . Why would a skull have eyebrows? I mean, really, look at it. They look pretty fuzzy, too O.o

But anyways, the title says it all. I'm sure you guys have something like this in mind, right? Got any crazy dreams you'd like to try and achieve before you kick the bucket? Or how about that crazy stunt you've always dreamed of doing, but everybody stopped you from trying, because frankly, you're a crazy bastard.


Ugh, typical Mondays

Well, in my case, I don't really have much. Or at least it doesn't seem like much to me. I'd like to:

-Forge Myself A Sword: I've always loved swords. Of course, good swords can be quite pricey, so all along I've been limited to just collecting knives. I have quite a few, and always have one by me. I believe that a sharp metal blade is perhaps, the greatest creation mankind has ever made. They're incredibly simple tools, and can be used for practically anything, which is why they're still in use after thousands of years, and will still be in use for thousands of years to come. Thus, what better way to celebrate my humanity than by making myself a sword!? So, one of these days, I'd like to just take a sabbatical and learn some metallurgy, and make myself a sword.


-Compete In Ninja Warrior: This is honestly just to satisfy my ego ^^ The day I randomly found this, I sat through multiple episodes in a row. It's definitely tense, and definitely a lot of work. And, well, there may be tougher challenges, but this one seems to have more prestige. . . . plus, I'm probably oblivious to the existence of tougher stuff, hehe. I mean, I bet it's an awful lot of fun, and you get to show off how badass you are. Of course I have try this out eventually!


-Compete in Battle Of Nations: I found out about this today, and it instantly made it to my list. I mean, seriously, are you seeing this? This is as close as you'll get to actual combat, and still have other people willingly participate in large numbers. Plus, it's the whole nine-yards, too, since they have their own parties and celebrations and everything. It's my dream come true! Well, sorta. . . . . I'd be perfectly ok with fighting to death, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Not until after the nuclear holocaust, and society reverts to the ancient ways ^^ In the meantime of course, this'll do. I've always loved fighting, ever since I was a kid. My father used to practice Aikido, and he had a couple of bokkens laying around. I was probably five or six years old around the time when I picked up a "sword" and tried to fight. Of course my father went easy on me at the first, but I had this craving for combat I've never been able to satisfy since then, ever. Somehow, though, I never really practiced anything, except for a little competitive archery. Other than that, nothing. No martial arts, no boxing, no MMA, no street fights, nor even the most simple misunderstanding in school. The only thing close to "real" fighting I've experienced, is whenever I cajoled my younger brother, father, or the occasional friend into messing around with bamboo shinais or rubber practice knives. And that never lived long enough either, since everybody would give up after the second or third hit. Thus, this is the experience I've been waiting for all my life. . . . I probably seem like some crazy warmonger, huh?


- Skydiving: It's pretty simple and cliche, I know, but c'mon. It seems like a lot of fun, and I bet the breeze is pretty nice up there ^^

So far, this is it. I'd like to travel, learn more languages and possibly win a Pulitzer, but I'm too lazy for that right now xD But what about you guys? Oh, and when you're done, be sure to hang out in TAY Classic :P

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