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This game is great, but would be better if they fixed one thing.

We’ve all had that experience in our video gaming lives. A game that is really good, I mean really good. You’re having so much fun playing it. Then you noticed something. Not a major deal, not game breaking. But just something that if a minor tweak or fix were applied would make the game that much better.


My example is from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It’s a great game and i’m getting a lot of fun out of it. The low-grav mechanic is a lot of fun to fight in but does take some time to get used it. But i’m getting the hang of it and causing major damage with the slam attacks. The game has Moonstones which are a rare currency like the Eridium from BL2 that can be used for ammo and storage upgrades. There are also items called Moxxtails. These are available in Moxi’s Up Over Bar in Concordia. They cost 10 moonstones and give a buff that last for 30 minutes. There are eight to pick from and they give bonuses ranging from increased damage, to increased reload and fire speed, to decreased 02 usage.

Ok so that’s fine. I like options and being able to spend currency on something other than bag and ammo upgrades is nice. But it could be better. When you buy one it activates immediately. That’s fine if you’re in a group and ready to go. But if you’re solo or wanting to do something in Concordia, and you don’t know it activates immediately you’re in for a rude surprise. As you can see in the pic, it doesn’t say that it will start immediately. But this can be fixed easily.


Make it an item that goes in your bag that you can use when you choose. They’re 10 moonstones so the opportunity to stock up and horde would be limited and it would mean you’re not upgrading bag/bank space or ammo storage. Keep it so activating a new one resets the counter and only one can be active at a time. Let it be like buff food in WoW, something you can apply right as you get into a fight and not waste time while you look for the fast travel or wait for a team mate.

This is an example of what I mean. This is a minor issue at best and not game breaking. If they made the kind of change i’m suggesting it would make the game better. If not then that’s fine, the game is still great and I will still enjoy playing it. So are there any games you can think off like this?

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