I'm really feeling it!

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. INTI-CREATES GAME. INAFUNE-DIRECTED. MUCH NEED, SUCH BUY, WOW MY WALLET BEGS WITH ITS LUNGS FOR THIS!!!!!!! Inti-Creates, for those who don't know, are the people responsible for the (fucking incredible) Mega Man Zero and ZX series, with Mega Man ZX Advent being literally the best game in the Mega Man franchise after the Legends series and the original X. Seriously. Play that game. Your socks will go missing.

Anywho, this game looks amazing. I do think GBD should volunteer his money and buy it for me, because he loves me a little (a lot?). Please notice me sempai. I'm kawaii~ Or was it kowai? Whatever. Buy me it, big papa!


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