I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

This Is A Clutch Dota2 Highlight

Professional Dota2's biggest event, The International, kicked off in earnest yesterday. A lot of great Dota was played, but this highlight from defending International champs Evil Geniuses in their Group Stage match up against Chinese team Wings is easily the highlight of the day:

A quick explainer for those that might not be as familiar with what happened. Late in this game, Evil Geniuses over committed a bit on trying to push into Wing’s base, and got caught in a bad teamfight. EG’s Huskar, played by Sumail, was dead to rights. Not only was he surrounded by the enemy team, but the opposing team’s Magnus, pushed him deeper into their base to finish him off. EG’s Zai is playing as Io, a support character who can heal and buff a single hero. Io also has an ability called Relocate, which allows Io to teleport itself and a selected hero to any location on the map.

Zai waited until the LAST POSSIBLE second to grab Sumail and teleport him back to base, hyping the hell out of play by play man TobiWan and the viewers at home. Evil Geniuses would go on to win the game.

The International can be watched on Twitch, Dota2's website, and in the Dota2 game client.


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