I'm really feeling it!

This is Kamen Rider 2015-2016: Ghost!!

Takeru Tenkuji, aspiring ghost hunter, receives a mysterious artifact, a “Ghost Icon.” But in keeping this item, an otherworldly force known as the Ganma tracks him down and kills him!

Luckily, thanks to the Ghost Icon’s powers, Takeru manages to get back to life and become a hooded, masked rider!!


To defeat the Ganma, Takeru must gather 15 Ghost Icons of Great Men within 99 days, or else these evil creatures will obliterate the world!!


*The Great Ghost Icons so far thanks to toy release dates: Nobunaga Oda, Thomas Edison, Robin Hood, Isaac Newton, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Billy the Kid, Musashibo Benkei, Miyamoto Musashi, and Tutankhamun.

*Aside from the typical motorcycle, animal-themed gadgets will make a return.

*Ghost will make a cameo appearance in Kamen Rider Drive’s Suprise Future movie and the last 2 episodes of the show.


Hopefully Bashcraft will report on this when the press conferences on Ghost start!!

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