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This Is What $38 Buys You In Japan

My brother got all this from the junk bins (he tells me that's actually what they were labelled as) at just one store in Akihabara. He's currently on his second week of vacationing in Japan. As far as I understand, he's bought so much stuff over there on bottom dollar that he's had to buy a second duffelbag just to shove it all in. In terms of the stuff he's picked up for me, I know he's gotten Armadillo (Famicom), Gundam Extreme Vs (PS3) and EX Troopers (also PS3). He's also trying to hunt down a copy of R-Type III (SuperFam), and I gave him a vague instruction of "buy me weird shit". You can bet your sweet tailbone cushions that I'll be reviewing some of this stuff - maybe even a straight reactions video if he comes through on the weird stuff.

Due to the time difference and him having to rely on wi-fi BBM for communication, I haven't heard much from him during his trip, but I do know he's gone over with the intention of bringing back a ton of inventory to sell at the retro game swap meet he and I are going to next month... I'm excited to see what kind of oddities he brings back!


Oh, and they have a vending machine that sells panties.

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