This past weekend was my fifth wedding anniversary. We went to Epcot at Disney and had dinner at Teppan Edo in Japan at the World Showcase.

Now originally I wasn’t going to post about this, but because of a misunderstanding between myself and the waitress, I thought it would be a funny little story.

My wife had seen a couple get a song for their anniversary as we were sitting down, so she wanted to tell the waitress that it was our anniversary. Or rather, she wanted me or our roommate who was also with us to do it. So I finally get the attention of the waitress and point to myself and my wife and say it is our anniversary. The waitress, because it was loud and English was not her first language, thought it was my wife’s birthday and not our anniversary. So at the end of the meal, out comes a little piece of birthday cake with a candle in it and the waitstaff to sing happy birthday.


So my roommate snapped a photo, I was not ready for this photo, and put it on facebook, which led to a running joke the rest of the night.

My wife was not too pleased, but she took it well. At least she got this cute cat purse out of the deal.


I also am writing this because I realize that I forgot to do a post about Anime Weekend Atlanta! I did post a quick thing while I was there, but I never did a follow up about all the cool stuff we saw.

We had a lot of fun in Atlanta, and I even got to meet MementoMorie at the convention. We had a fun conversation about different anime and such.


I also got to meet Cassandra Morris, voice actor for Ritsu in K-On! among other shows that don’t matter because they aren’t K-On! So now we have gotten the signatures for four of the five members of the band on our guitar, as well as the album covers I put up above my TV.

That was the main reason we drove up there from central Florida. Our never ending quest to get all five members. Sadly we will never get number five because Shelby Lindley (who plays Mugi) never goes anywhere :(


My wife really enjoyed the vendors at AWA, mostly the local artists. We got a couple of great pieces from one lady who made her art from painting and then layering paper.


We loved her work so much, I actually commissioned a special project from her for my wife for our anniversary. It is the picture that led this story.

And there it is, the way I bring this back to the original subject of the post. Enjoy the rest of the week.