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This Probably Isn't Smash Bros. Wii U'S Character Select Screen

The picture above has been making the rounds this morning, purporting to show the Wii U version of Nintendo's upcoming Smash Bros. title's character select.

Personally, I believe the screen to be fake. For a couple reasons. First, the screenshot claims to show the Japanese version of the game, but uses the plural Ice Climbers, where they have historically used the singular, Ice Climber.


Second, the picture for Ganondorf appears to be taken from First 4 Figures' statue, which you can see here:

Third, Wario's image comes from a screenshot from Brawl, which can be found just by googling "Wario Smash Bros.". It's the second image result:


The same has also been done for Falco, and I'm likely missing a few other details. Between all these things, however, it seems certain this character select screen "leak" is anything but.

Although I would absolutely love for Chrom to be included, I really don't think he will be, sadly. I also don't think we're done with newcomers, with E3 right around the corner and several months before release, I doubt we know so much of the roster.


If nothing else, this does speak to just how passionate Smash fans—and those trying to trick them—are about the series. Whoever put this together likely put a ton of work into it, and honestly, I wouldn't mind if the final product looked similar to this, it's a pretty nice layout.

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