I'm really feeling it!

Animator GildedGuy spent a mind blowing 140 hours animating this intro to a fictional Smash Bros. anime that obviously needs to happen in the near future. I’m looking at you Netflix.

The masked and sun glasses’d hero of the fictional show is FalcoMaster3000 (FM3K for short) a well-known legend in the Smash community. FM3K was known for showing up to smash tournaments with the outfit seen above, cloaked in mystery, and destroying the competition with his Falco skills. Though he’s not seen much any more, the name FalcoMaster now applies to any player with a basic understanding of the character who can wreak havoc on tournament-goers.


You’ll probably need to watch it a few times to catch all the references and Smash goodness. But don’t worry, the Captain Falcon part has already been made into a GIF.


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