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This Week's Crossover Junction! "Animal Instincts"

I mean, what else are the fire hydrants for? I put it up in my town and I destroyed it soon after it was (probably) made forever unclean by Lobo and other canines...The nerve of them. Public indecency could and would have been stopped in this instance but it doesn't help that the only two police officers in the village don't see the problem.

And that's all for me for today, since I'm off from Pokemon One a Day. Sorry about the lack of updates regarding Smash Bros. U Roster Art Wishlist, that will resume tomorrow and then once a week on Sundays, so long as I can get work in on it between comics, Pokemon one a day, my Hony project

Last Week's Comic (as featured on Kotaku by Tina Amini by help of Zarnyx...Thank you immensely!)


Yesterday's Pokemon: Pikachu

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