It's Saturday night. My husband is out with the guys and the child is in bed.

And I am bored.

I want to play something, but not something hard. Something I know. Something I find fun. Something I love. A game that I can go to whenever I am bored.

I turn on the PS3 and put in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. I can't tell you how much I love the Ratchet and Clank series. It's one of my favorites, and I find whenever I'm in that "I need something easy to play" state-of-mind, it's my choice. Something about the wackiness, the odd weapons, and the platforming come together to make really great games.

My favorite one to pass the time away with is Tools of Destruction. I'm not even sure why. It's beautiful. I know compared to newer games it may look dated, but I still love looking at it. It's nice to explore the levels. I've played through it at least 10 times, and yet Saturday night I discovered a new Gold Bolt. Which may just mean I don't open my eyes wide enough, but it gives me incentive to keep playing. It also has pirates, the ability to squish fish...


And Quark.


Quark makes everything better.

But that's not my only go to game. When those times come that I can't have the TV all to myself, I have to have a handheld game too.


Yep. Phantom Hourglass. I've also played through this game at least 10 times. I have almost all the solutions to the puzzles engrained in my head. There are 7 palm trees on the first island, which is the solution to the first puzzle. (That's right, I memorized the number of palm trees, and not the actual island name. Priorities.) :P


I love this game for so many reasons. The art style. The actual fun of sailing. The ability to draw on the map. (I like drawing, even if I'm not good at it.) And it's a Zelda game. What's not to love?

So what are your go to games? Those games that help you pass the time away.

And while your at it, check out TAYClassic. They are talking about all sorts of things over there: games, life, the universe, and everything.