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Thoughts on Super Smash Bros Ultimate

If you haven’t heard yet, the next Super Smash Bros game is coming out this December and man I can’t wait for it. The level of fanservice and love that Nintendo has put into this iteration of Smash is staggering. Bringing back every single character from every game no matter their form or function was so awesome. I just can’t wait to play Wolf and Snake again and I wonder what changes there’ll be to Young Link and Pichu since they’re not classified as “echo fighters.” Maybe both Young Link and Pichu will harken back to the movesets that Link and Pikachu had in their melee days just like how Dr. Mario was basically Mario from melee with a few stat tweaks.


Speaking of “echo fighters,” I’m glad Nintendo acknowledged that these “echo fighters” are basically just clones of other characters. It just makes it feel that Nintendo is being more transparent with the player base with clone characters and I feel like it opens up more opportunities for “echo fighters” in the game. Like maybe we could have a few other “echo fighters” that use the custom moves from Smash 4 in Smash Ultimate if custom moves get removed from Smash U. For example, It’d be pretty cool to if Medusa, from Kid Icarus Uprising, was added to the game as an “echo fighter” of Palutena, but with some of her custom moves from Smash 4. All in all, I’d be down for more “echo fighters” in Smash U

Though, I think there’s a good chance for a handful of more “echo fighters” to be added to Smash U, I think we’ll only get 1 or 2 more new fighters. I feel that there will be roughly 1 or 2 more fighters because it took about 1.5 years for all 7 dlc characters to be added to Smash 4, 3 of whom were veterans who were returning from older games. Assuming that Smash U development is running at roughly the same pace as the Smash 4 dlc development and accounting for the time the Smash U team used to build the game from the ground up, that’d leave the team with I’m assuming 1.5 years to develop new characters/adapt old characters into this new game. Since Ice Climbers, Pichu, Young Link, Wolf, Squritle, Ivysaur, and Snake are being returning in Smash U and Ridley, Inkling, and Daisy are being added to Smash for the first time, I can’t imagine the team would have much time for more than 1 or 2 more new characters unless some of them were “echo fighters.”


Finally, Inkling and Ridley look like awesome additions to the Smash cast. I love how Nintendo was able to capture Ridley’s viciousness in game without bumping up the game’s rating to mature. Inkling looks really interesting to play as well since you’ll have to balance your offensive moves with how much ink you have as well. Both look super fun to play, but if I’m honest, I want to play Ridley the most because I love how how he moves.

In any case, what’re your thoughts on Smash Ultimate? Love it? Hate it? Sick of people writing articles/making videos about it?

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