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This evening, one of my friends invited me to watch the 2017 Justice League movie with him and a couple of my other friends. I thought it’d be fun to check out what I was assuming would be a bad movie and if it was worse than I thought, I could always whip out my Nintendo Switch and multitask. I’m surprised to say that I had a good amount of fun watching the movie despite how much of a mess it was.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. The entire movie was a humongous mess because it was trying to be a big blockbuster action movie while also introducing 2 mainstays to the DC film universe and being a giant crossover between all the current DC film/tv universe properties. The movie was simply biting off too much than it could chew. It would often get bogged down on all the different elements of the DC film universe it was trying to establish. This lead the movie to get bogged down in multiple mind numbing exposition scenes that were as interesting to watch as watching paint dry. I simply couldn’t get invested in the narrative of the movie because it felt like it primarily was trying to set up for more movies in the future rather than entertain me.


When the movie wasn’t trying to get me to buy into the DC extended universe, I actually had a little fun with all the different character interactions and the action set pieces in the movie. I had a lot of fun watching the Flash goof around in the movie because it played off of the rest of the casts’ po faced seriousness. It felt like the Flash was my spirit animal because he was actually going around and enjoying himself to an extent in the movie.

Also, some of the action set pieces in the movie were pretty cool. Despite the fact that it was hard to take Aquaman seriously with his surfer bro attitude, I liked his underwater battle with Stephen Wolf because of how interesting it looked. The camera angles and all the different effects looks pretty unique and cool and I may be a bit interested in an Aquaman movie if it’s comprised of mostly scenes and cuts similar to Aquaman’s battle in Atlantis. Though most of the movie had less inspired action scenes compared to Aquaman’s, I still felt they were roughly above average.

Justice League was a mess of a movie, but I had a good amount fun. It may have a ton of problems in the narrative and somewhat character department, but the Flash and the action scene made the whole movie feel enjoyable. Well that and the fact that my friends and I couldn’t stop making fun of the movie while watching it.

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