I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Three Songs 2

I come bearing gifts of sound again. Should this be a regular thing? I don't know, probably not. Whatever, let's get to the music.

Here's a great album featuring Getatchew Mekuria, renowned Ethiopian saxophonist, and The Ex, underground Dutch anarchopunks, in a unique collaboration. Half the songs are live, half are studio, all are great. This album is the one that has kicked off my recent jazz interest.

Here's a glitch piece called "Crepuscular Rays" by Japanese musician Paradrags. I'm a sucker for this kind of music and video. If you like it, check out the label's website at http://www.hz-records.com/releases/ where everything under mp3 is a free download.

And last, here's a post-hardcore group called Rockets Red Glare with their song "Malachai Throne." Pretty good album, if not amazing. I really like this track in particular. Guitar, bass and drums. That's all a band really needs, when it comes down to it.


So, do any of you have three songs you want to share? I'll try to actually respond this time as I'm not posting this before an eight hour shift at work.

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