It is 3:15 AM and I cannot sleep, so I bring you three songs again. For all of the dark, brooding, pretentious music I like, I am a sucker for certain catchy melodies, robotic singing, and cringe-inducing lyrics. Here's three of my favorite 80's or wanna-be 80's songs.

First, Men Without Hats and their hit song "Safety Dance" which is oddly fittingly mashed up with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Second is a band I shamefully was obsessed with several years ago, Ashbury Heights. Sigh, ninth grade.

Last up, an album I actually own: Edge of Dawn's "All the Time" of off the album with the really long title. I think everything except the vocals are genuinely good on this album, but those lyrics. Who would've guessed a musician who is a psychologist by day would make every song about sex?

I have plenty more bad synthpop tracks on my list, but this is good for now. If you know of any, post them. If not, what is your guilty pleasure music?