They say when you see the black dog, that it’s too late. That your ticket is already punched, your time is already up. You’re already as good as dead. No one can run faster than the black dog. No one but death himself.

Welcome to Thursday Tales! Thursday Tales is a forum for your creative written works of all types- novels (serialized or complete!), short stories, fanfic, poetry, complex fan theories, poetry, and so on and etc. The only requirement is that you wrote it (or properly attribute it to the original author). Throw a link to the work in the comments and we’ll round them up in one place on Monday for your reading pleasure.

Now it’s the last Thursday of October and the last Thursday before NaNoWriMo, so let’s try to do something special! Let’s see your best scary story, or an introduction to the book you’re about to write. Let’s have some fun and get ourselves pumped for November 1st!

Go write something!