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Time to Choose!

With the dust settled on the first day of E3, we have a clear picture of what's on Sony and Microsoft's gaming horizon (as well as what other developer's are putting on the table). With both consoles on the last half of their first year on the market, it's going to be harder and harder for consumers to sit on the sidelines waiting for the one game to make them decide. I've been waiting patiently to see where the wind blows and who is going to offer me a larger variety of games for my tastes, and I'll probably have to choose here in the next few months which non-Nintendo console to go with. I think I've finally made my decision, what about you. What console did/will you choose?

Tell us what games pushed you into a certain console's camp? Was there something that would have made the decision for you but didn't show up? Are you still on the fence?


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