I'm bold to post this on TAY...so this is just me saying thanks to everyone of you guys and gals. You may not know this but TAY saved me from impending doom. I joined TAY when Run Club 1.0 was starting, there I made a good friend in form of a furby, which is also a Nazi when you are on his team for whatever. I was going through such a hard time, that I thought I would be going back to drugs and crazy ass life. BUT NO, by using the power of TAY Therapy I was able to come from the black hole, smile and take an unexpected turn in life that helped me not destroy myself again.

If you don''t know I was a Pastor, I still am, just not active right now, I had to take the hard decision to quit because of the unbalanced life I had and the ways things were done in my old church. Today I'm happy to report, I'm in a new church, and I will be resuming my pastoral duties soon, probably by the start of next year. But that does not mean I will ever stop loving TAY, and the people who make this the best community for gamers and by gamers (and anime drama...) around.

I would go ahead and make a huge list of all of you guys, but I know I will leave some out and then TUT will try to kill himself again.

I know I'm not very present lately, its because new job + baby + working a lot on my website company + I bought a 3DS and I want to marry it.


Anyways, is this a blip? I'm not even sure...but don't forget me ok? I love you all!!!!

I will be writing a lot more lately, I have like 4 articles in draft mode...writing is fun, I suck, but its fun!!!