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To The Devil It's Third

Gameplay video at last, final build gameplay video at last!

The embargo on “Devil’s Third” is finnaly over and outlets will finnaly begin to release hands on impressions on Itagaki’s latest project. If there was a game that stirred up confusion is this. It looked ace on e3 last year, it was a no show on e3 this year and Nintendo of America only confirmed it’s distribution a couple of days ago on Twitter. Nintendo Life has recorded a gameplay video of the early Single Player campaign.


CAUTION: Very NSFW language and violence included.

So there it is, the final build of Devil’s Third single player. It’s nothing extraordinary but is by no means something dire and awful as it was feared by most. You can bet the single player mode is nowhere the stellar brilliance of the other major Wii U mature exclusive Bayonetta 2. After all, this games was hit be development hell when THQ went bankrupt and if not for Nintendo’s cash, it would not even have been complete. The major question still remains: how does the wacky online multiplayer component of the game will fare?

There certainly won’t be a lack of hats at least. Looking forward for fellow TAYlanders opinions on this one. The game wil be out August 28th over here in Euroland with still no certain date at this point for America.


*OMAKE* Even more video and hands on impressions over at Nintendo World Report.

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