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Today was a Lucky Day

Of all times I’ve pulled on gatchas, today has probably been one of the luckiest days I’ve pulled on multiple different gatchas in a single day.


First off, I spent roughly 100 orbs and I managed to snag another Ninian and a summer variant of young Tiki in Fire Emblem Heroes. Getting another Ninian wasn’t too interested because the one I drew was my 3rd copy of her. On the other hand, getting summer young tiki on my very first pull of day was so awesome. Not only did this variant of Tiki come out today, but she also has a ton of cool tools to play with and she’s a flier unit too boot. Man, it’s going to be hard to save money on this banner now since I feel like I’m on a lucky streak.

I wasn’t as lucky in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as in FEH, but I don’t mind too much. I spent about 1/6th of my free summon tickets on the newest banner and I didn’t get many rare units, but that’s alright since I managed to stop myself from wasting more of my resources. I’m planning on saving my resources until the 2nd Dragon Quest collaboration in the gae because I really want to get the SSR units in that collaboration.

Finally in Star Ocean Anamnesis, I managed to get 2 SSR units in a single 10 pull. This was completely bonkers because SSR units are incredibly rare. I’ve only had a similar situation occur when I first started playing Fate Grand/Order on the JP side and I managed to pull 2 Gilgameshes on a single 10 pull. I can’t believe how well my first draws went in SO:A and I can’t wait to use the units and then realize that they’ll get power crept eventually.


Now that I’ve gotten some good pulls under my belt, it’s all going to go downhill from here because I used up all my luck for this month

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