I'm really feeling it!

It was a nice streak. I started this writing challenge, and about 15 articles in I became determined to finish. Finally I’ll have something that I can point to and say: I’m not a complete waste of walking flesh. Even with my parents in town, I won’t even miss a day.

But today is the day it all ends. As I mentioned, the folks are in town and the days are winding down to their departure date. After we grilled some burgers we sat outside, and talked until the wee hours of the night. It’s now 1am, and I’m writing this.


I gotta say, I’ve started noticing certain effects that this challenge has had on me. More ideas are coming to me, writing has gotten easier, and I’m not so ashamed of myself anymore. I used to reject writing about certain topics because I would say: “Nobody cares, that’s dumb, people are gonna shit on you for being so stupid and ban you from he site for writing about such nonsense.” But now I just put shit out there. Why? Because I can hide behind the umbrella of the writing challenge. 60 days? You’re gonna have to accept utter crap from time to time.

So everyday, without fail, I published something. No matter how vapid or uninteresting, I put something up. But despite putting so much pressure on myself to publish something every day, I’d rather spend the time I have with my family, no matter what.

Now you may have been reading this and thinking: “Umm, asshole. Here you are writing and publishing something for the day. What do you mean you missed a day?” You may have also skipped reading and went right to the comment section to inform me of this revelation. To which I will reply by directing you to the final paragraph.

You have a point. I didn’t miss a day at all. You’ve been tricked into reading another one of my nonsense posts, meant to keep the streak going. It’s 60 days, baby!

Papito Qinn is into the whole YouTube thing, is the winner of the 2016 SpookTAYcular Scary Story Contest, and atwitter incompetent. “Sometimes I marvel at my own mofo genius.”

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