I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Alright TAY, we’ve all talked about this a billion times. Hell, I’m pretty sure we’ve done this a billion times, but what’s one more good ol’ 2016 try? Let’s see if we can partner up, or form groups, to encourage each other to conquer our backlogs!

This experience will (ideally) be built to be entirely positive motivation, no shaming. My end goal is to have fellow TAYers cheering each other on as we wrap up various games, which will hopefully in turn also create more discourse, or even full blown articles! Full credit to The Geek Empress for giving me an idea of something to write about instead of a Top 5 list. Definitely swing by other there for some other cool resolution reads.


Seriously though TAY, I think we can do this! (At least for a little while, let’s try like a month or two and see if it keeps up?)

Various Ideas That I’m Floating Around, All Up For Discussion:

  • Cheat Purchases: If something comes up that you just absolutely feel you must have, then hey guy or gal, it’s your life. Buy it and be happy!
  • Pre-Announced Purchases: I know I’m getting Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam no matter goddamn what, because it comes out three days before my birthday... so maybe I won’t be buying it for myself. Okay fine, bad example, gifts don’t count, but my point is if there are games you know well in advance that you’re just absolutely going to get, then maybe a system like this where we encourage ourselves to play other games before-hand will make the purchase feel guilt free! At least then you break even back-log wise!
  • Round-Robin Rewards: Did two members of your group or team finish a game recently!? Congratulations! Perhaps we could build a system where their combined success gives you a freebie purchase?
Illustration for article titled Together We Stand, Divided We Buy $2 Games We Dont Need: 2016 TAY Conquering The Backlog Sign-Ups

This is all mostly just in good fun, but I know personally, I’m tired of logging into Steam and staring this in the face every day:

Regardless of if you sign up or not, have a wonderful 2016, and show that Mr. Backlog, The Dark Lord Who’s Shadow Creeps Over The Barren Wastes of Your Wallet who’s boss! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ


We can do better TAY. We can do better, together, as a team or internet community. Sign up now if you’re interested and depending on how many folks we get, I can try to develop more concrete details from there!

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