With Tokyo Game Show Japan’s biggest gaming trade show on the horizon Sony kicked things off in it’s traditional Press Conference. While it didn’t announce many major games it showed trailers for some new games that many people are excited for and a few may find interesting at the least. Of course being Tokyo Game Show all the trailers are in Japanese at the moment, however the feel of the games resonates enough through most of them.

Overall unless your a fan of JRPG’s I doubt you’ll see much of interest. However if you are a fan of the genre this presentation will certainly be of interest to you. Overall it was a mixed bag with some major titles missing, most notably from Square, however its still a full plate. Personally I’m excited for most of the titles shown. That being said this is only the beginning of Tokyo Game Show, so we’ll see what else the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer over the next few days.

Starting off with one of the bigger production of... the past decade Final Fantasy XV gets another trailer. With one of the classic Final Fantasy themes playing in the background as the release launches this trailer is clearly designed to get your nostalgia juices flowing.


Sadly as a story trailer in Japanese its hard to tell what’s going on other then it’s emotional impact. Furthermore it’s rather short with some reused scenes. That being said we do see Ravus Nox Fleuret in game, trying the new trailer to the recently released Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Note: This is the only mention of Final Fantasy from Sony’s press conference. Considering Square has a lot of other Final Fantasy games such as VII Remake Episode 1, World of Final Fantasy, and a likely expansion to XIV perhaps we shall see more once TGS officially gets rolling.

I’ll be frank here, I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this trailer, which I expect is a pretty good representation of how I’ll feel about the game once it’s released. Introducing several new characters over its short run, the trailer doesn’t try to explain anything even if you speak Japanese.


This is inline with the marketing for other recent games in the franchise such as Drakengard 3 and the original NieR itself. However while the game is developed by Platinum the trailer has a distinctive Cavia feel that the series is known for. Showing how deeply involved in the process Taro Yoko and his team is. Overall this remains one of my most hyped games of next year as February 23rd, 2017 was given as its Japanese release date. Hopefully we will see more on Square’s stage later.

Hey look more Square, it’s almost like this company is single highhandedly going to keep 2017 full of JRPG’s. Now while unless you’re up to date on the Kingdom Hearts lore especially regarding Aqua and the events of Birth by Sleep most of this trailer will make no sense. It doesn’t help non-fans keep track that a lot of scenes from Dream Drop Distance HD remaster are also interspersed within the trailer.


That being said the key element I think everyone is going to notice right off the bat is a new remix of Utada Hikaru’s Simple and Clean. According to Square the remix was made by the artist herself. I personally found the new version to be my current favorite out of the multiple versions that has been released since 2002, I hope a soundtrack is included with the eventual release of the game.

The game is (finally) getting a release on January 12th in Japan and January 24th in North America.

After a LONG absence SaGa: Scarlet Grace makes its return. Releasing in Japan in December 2015 for the PS Vita we finally see some gameplay. Although the trailer isn’t too long it does answer a few questions regarding the title, such as its art style and gameplay.


Seemingly to be a hybrid 3D turn based title SaGa: SG most obvious feature showcased in the trailer is its style combat, which is vibrant and colourful especially considering it’s a Vita title. I can’t say much other then it’s good to see the series making its return and this title in particular getting a look at. A North American version has not been announced.

Another action RPG from Platinum? Sign me up. Next to Square Platinum has made a big splash at Sony’s conference today. To be honest I don’t know too much about Granblue Fantasy to comment on the title. However the fact it’s an ARPG from Platinum is enough to ease most concerns I have with its seemingly general fantasy setting and almost Tales of art style. Who knows could be good.


No dates attached.

This series has come a long way from its corny budget gaming roots hasn’t it, it’s now on the PS4! Where it looks... crappy as ever, which to be fair is part of the games charm. Hell even the choice of orchestral background seems to show the developers know exactly what they’re doing here in terms of camp. If there was ever the perfect example of a corny Japanese game being made into a game, this is it. EDF knows what it is and I’m sure it’s fans will eat it up.


Again not much to say with this one, it’s Gundam. Giant robots kicking the ever loving crap out of other giant robots. What more can you ask for. As the 15th Anniversary of the series it takes from all the previous entries and series. Although we didn’t see much of the game from the trailer the game looks to be using the power of the PS4 quiet nicely. As that Gundam Barbatos in particular looks quiet nice. Sadly as far as I know no Gundam Versus game has come west so this one is up in the air too.


Like hacking and slashing? Don’t like hacking and slashing with various licensed anime characters or classical Japanese warriors. Well how about hacking and slashing with various Japanese game characters. If that sounds like your cup of tea well here is Musou (Dynasty Warriors) All-Stars for the PS4. Since we’ve seen almost every Warriors game I expect we’ll be seeing this one too. Check out the trailer for included characters, I’m laughing at the inclusion of the girls of Atelier personally, never pictured them as a hack and slash warrior...