Tokyo Xanadu is a new IP from Japanese game developer Falcom known for its amazing Trails series as well as the long lasting Ys which is being brought to North America courtesy of Aksys Games. Being a new IP not much is known outside of Japan unless you want to do some digging. However there is superficial similarities to the Persona series of games.

One such similarity is the modern setting which Falcom has stated was a deliberate choice. One designed to move Tokyo Xanadu away from the fantasy settings of its flagship series. As a Playstation Vita title Tokyo Xanadu has a lot of visual similarities to Trails of Cold Steel (Including borrowed character President Towa), however one key difference is the fact it’s an Action based JRPG more in line with Falcoms Ys.

While to be honest I don’t know much beyond the superficial when it comes to this game. Falcom has a good track record of long and deep RPGs especially for the Sony handhelds. If this keeps up Tokyo Xanadu should be one to watch in early 2017.


Below is the Japanese Gameplay Trailer showing the game in action. Tokyo Xanadu saw a release in September 2015 in Japan. Currently it’s North American launch window is Early 2017.