So I woke up later this evening, and missed the live onslaught that was Tomb Raider getting announced as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One. I expected some groans, but instead I saw lots of anger, pissed off at the concept of what is timed exclusivity, or just exclusivity in general.

My initial reaction was a happy one, excited to see the internet complain about how lame and annoying exclusivity can be, especially when the platform holder isn't even funding the game, or using a first-party studio. What quickly turned to frustration, was that the hatred was then being targeted at Microsoft specifically. All manner of insults, how bad they are for the industry, what a terrible thing they did...and all I can think of is:'re just noticing this crap, and think Microsoft's the only one pulling it?

I'm sorry, but all Microsoft really did in this situation was get a big game lots of people cared about, and to some degree I empathize with the sting it involves a series whose history is multi-platform. Outside those tiny reasons though, all I'm seeing is a double standard being drawn for big bad Micro$oft.

Yet as a PC user, I'm stuck waiting for both No Man's Sky and The Witness to go through their equally dumb timed exclusivity period on PS4, before I get to play them on my platform of choice. It sucks...I know it does, and it's kind of one of the reasons I prefer PC, because we have no platform gatekeeper corporation throwing out cash to secure exclusivity.


Now I get some of the special negativity that follows Microsoft in the wake of their dumb DRM decision pre-Xbone launch, them being late to support indies getting on their platform, and not matching PS+ instant collection...but that shouldn't distract from the reality that both of these companies do this often enough. I mean we now live in a world where both of them charge users for playing multiplayer games, and artificially mark that as an additional benefit to your overall subscription. They don't even get the monetary expense excuse when Valve and Nintendo aren't doing it.

Remember: Don't just hate on one company that does this, hate on the concept of it, and every company that does it. Otherwise it will keep happening.