I'm really feeling it!

So, who purchased Tomodachi life today? Anyone? Everyone? No one? IT DOESN'T MATTER!!

Neryl and Nach were great yesterday for providing us with this great article where you could post your Mii. Have you done it yet? If not, you should. Or, better yet, post it again here!


However, we're going to do something a little different here. I don't want to just make up personalities for all of you. Some of you I know fairly well, and some I don't know well enough. Well, I want to know how YOU set up your personal Mii in Tomodachi life. Post your character's personality traits, levels, and stats here, and we'll get to adding! I'm still downloading my game, but as soon as it's done, I'll be sure to update this post so you can add myself and Morie to your games.

To quote Morie, "I didn't choose the Tomodachi Life. The Tomodachi Life chose me."


Oh, and just so we're clear, I'd say we post stats from 1 to 8 where 1 means leftmost stat and 8 means rightmost stat. For example, a 1 in Overall would mean you were as Unique as possible, where an 8 in speech would mean you were very Direct.


Update: Here are my stats

Energy: 7
Speech: 4
Facial Expressions: 6
Mood: 6
Overall: 3

Morie's Stats:

Energy: 4
Speech: 7
Facial Expressions: 3
Mood: 3
Overall: 2

Update 2:


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