I'm really feeling it!

Tomorrow is Hourly Comic Day!

Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is...

Hourly Comic Day!!!


I try and participate every year and I thought this year I should share with everyone on TAY!

So what is Hourly Comic Day you ask? Well it's simple really. Starting at midnight tonight, you draw a comic about something you did for each hour you're awake. It could just be a simple representation or you can get fun with it and try to make it funny, artsy or whatever you want really! You don't have to draw anything when you're asleep (unless you really feel like drawing yourself sleeping for multiple hours) and you're done once it's midnight on February 2cnd. It's a lot of fun getting to see into peoples lives for a day as well as the different art styles everyone has!

If you want to know more and see some examples check out the offical site here:


So if anyone else wants to participate...participate! Post them on here or TAYclassic or something! It be awesome to see a day in the life of all us TAYers!


EDIT: For those of you worried that yours wont' be any good, don't worry neither are mine. Here's an example from of one I did last year:

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