At the very eve of Chara Hobby 2014 this weekend in Japan, lots of Gunpla kits have been unveiled, from an actual high grade Crossbone Gundam, another Astray Gundam variation, the virtually obscure Zeta-II, and the robots from both Gundam Build Fighters Try and G no Reconguista (both will be on TV in different channels!!). But that's not enough, oh no, barely scratched the surface!!

1st- the 3rd preview of G no Reconguista!! Space Pirates VS the Federation!! Awesomesauce!!

2nd, a preview courtesy of Mr. Ral shows us what's in store for season 2!!

And right off the NBGI youtube channel, Namco-Bandai has launched a teaser for the sequel to the 2013 Gundam model-customization game!

Richard Eisenbein calls the first game enjoyable, but lacking in lots of aspects. Hopefully some progress on that.

Happy end of summer, folks!