I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Whats up! Destiny 2 comes out tonight! It feels like Christmas (for me at least), hater’s can hate in the comments below on a game that isn’t officially out because it’s cool to hate on Destiny. For those of you that are curious, or just love to argue on the internet here is a list of my 5 favorite and least favorite things from the Destiny 2 Beta.


I played the Beta on a PS4 Pro and a PC running a P7 w/ RX480 8 GiG. I will say that the PC version looking significantly better than the PS4 version, it almost looked like different game. I could not for the life of me get used to controlling my guardian with a mouse and keyboard, I had to use an Xbone controller which worked flawlessly. My rig couldn’t quite run it on 4k, I settled for 2k and it still looked great. For the purpose of this article all Destiny Year 1, 2, and 3 will be referred to as “Vanilla Destiny


Best - Lord Shaxx - The crucible boss is back and sounds just as good as ever, hearing his familiar voice ring out during crucible matches and ordering us to basically go fuck up the Cabal in the opening mission was great. I think Bungie will do a great job of fleshing out the NPC’s this time around in Destiny 2, they did a pretty good job in Taken King, looking forward to experiencing the development of Vanilla Destiny’s NPCs.


Worst - Marksman Dodge & Gambler’s Dodge - The Hunter’s class ability (which is a dodge roll) felt incredibly lame compared to the Warlock’s class ability which a healing/damaging upping area of effect ability and the Titan’s ability to create a barricade.


Best - Graphics - Destiny 2 looks great. Ditching the last gen consoles has allowed Bungie to pump up the volume for Destiny 2 graphically, it is most noticeable in the PC version. The console version looks great, the PC version looks amazing. Thanks for making things difficult for me Bungie, more than likely I’ll be sticking with PS4 since thats where most of my friends will be playing. Which version should you pick? Whichever one most of your friends will be playing, Destiny is a game meant to be enjoyed with others, I wouldn’t recommend this game for anyone trying to just play by themselves.


Worst - The Hunter Class - The two subclasses shown off for the Hunter felt weak compared to the Titan and the Warlock. This was a tough choice choosing between the class ability and the entire class, however in the end I decided that the Hunter Class was more of a let down. The two subclasses shown off really weren’t that different from Vanilla Destiny. Reading the locked abilities that weren’t able to be used during the Beta didn’t really do a good job of getting me excited for the Hunter either. The locked abilities for the Voidwalker subclass have me salivating to try them out, I’ll probably be making a Warlock first, and the Titan was just OP for either subclass.


Best - 4v4 Crucible Matches - I love this change, I might actually play a lot more crucible this time around. I hated that in Vanilla Destiny Crucible matches felt like Super and Grenade fests. I love that the focus is now back on guns and knowing the maps well. It doesn’t feel too crazy, everyone pretty much gets a super towards the end of the map. The ammo felt wonky, no doubt that they will tinker with that constantly so I’m not too worried about.


Worst - Power Weapons - Im still on the fence about changing weapon kits for guardians. Basically now everyone gets two primary weapons and 1 Special/Heavy weapon. This could be the biggest change they debuted so far concerning Destiny 2 (in the beta) because it completely affects how Destiny 2 will be played across all game modes. This might feel like a way to balance the game mainly for the crucible. I hope that Bungie has more in mind than they’ve lead on so far. The power weapons were really imbalanced (and some just felt downright weak) compared to the other weapon types. Reserve ammo for different weapon types across the power weapon category needs to be balanced. Swords that were introduced in Vanilla Destiny were so good because they held so much ammo.


Best - Ghaul - The bad bad man featured firsthand in the Destiny 2 marketing and whom you encounter at the end of the opening mission is the enemy we’ve needed since Vanilla Destiny. Ghaul isn’t some vague “Darkness” (which Bungie admits they don’t even really know what it is) but a scary power hungry intergalactic gladiator who hopefully has better feet than Oryx. The Cabal background and history is interesting and supposedly Destiny 2 started when the Cabal crashed their ship into the Dreadnaught at the start of the Taken King expansion for Vanilla Destiny. Ghaul looks just as cool as he is menacing, his intentions make sense and I believe he might be the catalyst Bungie needed to give everyone they story they wanted in Vanilla Destiny.


Worst - OP’d Titan Subclasses - Bungie has done some really cool things with the two Titan subclasses they showed off, even if they were just reworked subclasses from Vanilla Destiny. They felt new, fresh, and much more powerful than before which is a good thing. They failed to do that with the Hunter or Warlock subclasses they showed off. I felt a serious drop in power when playing as either the Hunter or the Warlock. I know this game was in a Beta state but I expected the subclasses to be more balanced than they are. I was also hoping for more of an overhaul of the original subclasses, they came close with the Titan.


Best - It still feels like Vanilla Destiny - My favorite part of Vanilla Destiny was the gameplay. I didn’t mind replaying things constantly because the game was just fun to play, even better when you were fire-teamed up with some good friends. Destiny 2 didn’t lose any of its magic in this regard, I was able to team up with my friends and enjoy an even more crisp and smooth gameplay experience than Vanilla Destiny. The controls were responsive and it was just as easy to jump into and out of your friends games.


Worst - Beta was Brief - Bungie held back on a lot, or they don’t really have anything new to show off (which I doubt). I was hoping for there to be a few more dramatic changes but after the Beta I more or less felt like well they didn’t fuck it up really so thats not bad. What remains to be seen is if after playing Vanilla Destiny for almost 3 years will they have given me enough to keep playing Destiny 2. Right now I’m fine with just more “Destiny”, not sure how I’ll feel further down the line.

I have plenty of gameplay footage from the Destiny 2 Beta on my YouTube channel,


I am looking forward to the official Destiny 2 launch tonight!

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