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Top 5 Destiny 2 Most Wanted Features

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Whats up! Destiny is probably my favorite video game of all time. It’s hard to make such a bold statement but it is just as hard to contain my excitement for September 8th when Destiny 2 officially launches. Over the next few months leading up to Destiny 2 I will be filling TAY up with some Destiny goodness and hopefully some beta footage. These articles will be just as much for people who have played Destiny as well as those who haven’t. If anything I want to introduce those of you who haven’t played Destiny and see if this might be something you are interested in. Don’t listen to the negativity surrounding this game as it is not representative of the community one bit, this is absolutely the 2nd (to TAY) best online community I have ever been around.


I know the original Destiny isn’t perfect and yes I would constantly berate my fire team members with issues I had. I don’t know why so many people love to hate on this game but almost guaranteed someone will try insulting me/Destiny in the comments. I wanted to get this out before E3 where I’m assuming we will find out much more about Bungie’s sequel. This is my top 5 requests for Destiny 2 from least to most wanted.

#5 Let us toggle our flashlight on and off.

While this might sound silly anytime Bungie turned on your flash light in Destiny you were in a dark scary cave/building. Nothing says exploration, deep dark caverns, or treasure more than a flashlight. Knowing that we have a flashlight to toggle on and off signifies spelunking for some LPL (l33t ph4t l3wt) baby. This one’s for you LT.Dank!


#4 Give every activity a Nightfall mode/option every week.

Any activity in Destiny could use a nightfall mode. Crucible could be no supers, no grenades, no shields. Story missions (assuming they stay similar length/scope to Destiny) could have a buffed boss and the original Nightfall penalty of getting booted back to orbit on a wipe. Destiny basically introduced Nightfall raids in the last update, hopefully we get a decent amount of raids to add this feature sooner rather than later (doubtful). A nightfall patrol could have a ridiculous set of patrol missions with strict time limits. I want to get back to a point where there are some things that are so difficult they can’t be completed. I don’t want another single participation trophy for the rest of my life, they’re being handed out like candy IRL, I don’t need them in my video games. The most complicated aspect of this would probably be the loot, can’t have people getting too strong to fast. You could limit the nightfall rewards per character, you can grab 2 out of 5 on any given week. This would appease players that don’t care for certain modes and help keep the power level balanced. Loot is secondary to me. I play Destiny for the fantastic co-op gameplay, the action is the juice.


#3 A Real Horde Mode.

Prison of Elders was Destiny’s attempt at a horde mode which originally launched with the House of Wolves expansion. We got this instead of a raid, which was disappointing because the waves of enemies were too easy and the boss was incredibly hard unless you had a BaLLeRHorN. They fixed it up a little bit and have re-introduced it 2 separate times in different updates. The scoring update was fairly lackluster, it really didn’t give me another incentive to want to play it besides the new loot. Sure can be loot a great reward but the gameplay in itself is more satisfying for me, getting a new gun with cool perks is just a Grand Marnier float in my margarita.


#2 More Raids.

This was my favorite thing to do in Destiny. The raids were undeniably the activity that kept me wanting to play Destiny. We ended up getting 4 Raids spread over 3 years, I’m hoping for at least 2-3 a year. Feel free to recycle old raids, it’s not like those zones are disappearing along with our gear. The gameplay and level design in each of Destiny’s raids is absolutely mind boggling. MMO’s probably have similar activities but then again MMO’s are basically point and click Telltale “games” with RPG stats. Keep them difficult, make us suffer and learn how to flourish and beat them, thats the best reward of all. I’m sure there is plenty of people who would rather just have their loot handed to them. I know as I’ve been stuck in a lot of fire teams with these assholes, go back to WOW. It’s all about the Guardianship yo.


#1 A Dark Patrol Zone.

Give us a patrol zone with friendly fire and a similar loot system to the Dark Zone in Tom Clancy’s The Division. The deeper we go the better the loot, the further back the road home is. Have fire teams compete over randomly spawning loot chests. Give us unparalleled NPC difficulty. Let other guardians be able to fuck each other out of loot. We’re literally losing everything in Destiny 2 it makes sense we’d be a little more desperate to get back to our former glory. While The Division had its flaws no one could deny that the Dark Zone was a great idea. Everyone thought The Division would kill Destiny, it didn’t, and if anything made Destiny look better.


Stay tuned for more articles on Destiny throughout the summer. This is my Top 5 Destiny 2 wish list, whats yours?

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