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Top 5 Ports Nintendo Needs to Switch

What’s up! I’ve been playing my Switch way more than I thought I would. I keep wanting to get back to my PS4 with Overwatch and Persona 5 but find myself glued to the Switch. I swap between TV and handheld modes regularly, it is a feature I take more advantage of than I thought I would and you should too. The Nintendo Switch has been the best hangover companion I’ve had in years, it doesn’t remind me that it told me not to drink that much last night, it helps me forget about my pulsating kidneys and dehydrated body.

I watched parts of the Nintendo Direct a few weeks ago and did not come away disappointed like most. I’ve learned to manage my expectations for Nintendo news and overall didn’t really see anything I wanted besides Battle Chasers. At the time I wondered why they were pushing 3DS games and now it makes sense with the newly announced 2DS, god Nintendo you are way more slick than people give you credit for. The 3DS games looked great; why can’t they just be made for the Switch as well (I’m sure theres a great reason just being belligerent). I also own a 3DS but now that I’ve got my Switch I really don’t care about it. Arms looked just kind of bleh and I don’t really know if I want to spend my precious gaming time getting into Splatoon. I do own a copy of PayDay 2 for my PS3 and it is actually a great game. PayDay 2’s gameplay style will work great on the Switch, the only issue I really see is that it is such an old game at this point I’m ready for PayDay 3. PayDay 2  is a 4 player co-op first person shooter bank robbery/heist game. PayDay 2 features fantastic gameplay and is very re-playable. It is wave/horde mode based shooter with custom load outs you can constantly “Switch up and buy upgrades for with the rewards from completing heists. Think Left 4 Dead but with cops and robbers instead of survivors and zombies.


Typically I am opposed to ports of games but understand it is a great way to fill out a library for a new console. The portability of the Switch has resulted in me actually wanting ports of certain titles as well as allowing me to momentarily forget my disdain for ports/remakes/remasters. I think that it would be wise for Nintendo to focus on games that are a little more recent, but not too recent. I mentioned Persona 5 and Left 4 Dead earlier, both would be excellent titles for the Switch but fall outside of the time frame I have in my mind. Atlus could wait a year or two and release Persona 5 Platinum to get suckers like me to buy it twice and the people who haven’t had a Sony console can still get it. Left 4 Dead is just old seriously where the hell is number 3?

I came up with a list of 5 titles that I think would make great ports for Nintendo’s new console. I own every single one of these games already and would buy each of them again for my Switch. I tried to keep in mind titles that would perform well on the Switch. I don’t know much about hardware but I assume a few of these games would be technical long shots if at all possible. I left out 1st and 2nd party titles because that would be too obvious and the list would be gigantic. Just for arguments sake I ordered them so we can all fight about it or you can all call me a moron.

1. Nintendo needs Overwatch on the Switch!


Overwatch is number 1 because it is f*****g Overwatch. We could probably forget about the other four games on this list if this was announced for the Switch. Nintendo needs Overwatch on the Switch much more than Overwatch needs the Switch. Nintendo needs to beg, plead, blackmail, bribe Blizzard to get this game on their new console. This would please anyone who’s ever complained about Nintendo’s third party offerings. Blizzard would never launch an inferior product and would help in setting standards for ports to the Switch so that we don’t get another Vita Call Of Duty. Overwatch is a rare property that can be successful on any platform. Porting Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch would entice many other third parties to start considering creating games for the new console. Everyone has always clamored for Call of Duty to be the big title to bring everyone to a Nintendo console. Honestly the ultra violence of shooters like Call of Duty isn’t Nintendo-esque where Overwatch is the perfect balance. Overwatch is a competitive game in a friendly atmosphere that has really drawn its players into its own world. Overwatch would be a great entry level game for filthy casuals and hardcore gamers.

2. Can’t believe this game still regularly charts. (Grand Theft Auto V)


I know all of you have played number 2 on the list and out of the five games I picked this is probably the last one I would personally want. Releasing GTA V on the Switch would be a great move for Nintendo and would help on building up 3rd party relationships almost as much as Overwatch. I cant think of a game or series where tomfuckery is a certainty, having the ability to take this with you might put stress toy manufacturers out of business. I would feel comfortable leaving out GTA V’s online suite to make this game work on the Switch. I would buy this game a third time for the luxury of bringing an imaginary LA playground to romp through with me at all times. GTA V has been out since 2013 I think Rockstar could work some magic and get it to run on the Switch. I don’t need to explain GTA V because apparently over 75 million people know how this game plays unless Rockstar is just rebuying their own copies. Maybe instead Rockstar will just blow our minds and announce Bully 2 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

3. Gimme the loot! (Diablo 3)


Another Blizzard title, sorry, they just make great games that run flawlessly on old and new hardware. Blizzard is king at making their games accessible for large audiences. Diablo 3’s gameplay is perfect for long or short sessions and we saw with the PS4 and X1 ports that D3 controls best on a console. Every handheld needs a dungeon crawler why not one with a great online suite? Let us do co-op in tablet mode (you’d probably need 4 Joy-Cons for two players if they even allow that), maybe let us do inventory on our phones. For those of you who haven’t played Diablo 3 it is a repetitive dungeon loot game that can always be played online co-op or solo. The online portion includes ladders and seasons which are as good a reason to keep playing as any. I’m assuming the Switch version wouldn’t be stripped down or missing any features from the current console versions. Don’t worry Hearthstone isn’t on this list (it’s not a real video game).

4. Prepare to Switch? Ready to Switch? (Dark Souls)


I think I’ve come up with a great marketing taglines above. I know at least a few of you have missed out on this last gen gem but pretend that you played it to validate yourself as a real gamer. Dark Souls is the best game in the series and that is including the numbered sequels, Blood Borne, and Demon’s Souls. The sense of discovery and exploration is very similar to Zelda BOTW with a much more addictive loot system. I’ve never enjoyed collecting armor in a game as much as the original Dark Souls. Give us local co-op pairing options with our Switches I’d love nothing more than to sit on my couch with a good pal and being able to laugh in their face for dying. Perfect for long or short sessions I think gamers might enjoy having it on the go or in shorter spurts, especially for New game + runs. The online modes are fun enough but Dark Souls is also great played solo which would help appeal to a wide range of gamers. Throw in a few Nintendo themed armor sets and you’ll get everyone to rebuy it again.

5. This game probably couldn’t actually work but what the hell. (Hitman)


A third person stealth game broken down into seasons with missions/objectives ranging from 5 minutes to hours. Hitman was one of my favorite titles from 2016 and would be a perfect fit for the Switch. Brutal violence and strategic gameplay would do well to draw in the hardcore crowd. I’d love to have Hitman with me on the go and ready to pick up where I left off when I got home. Hitman’s first season spans 6 levels comprised of a multitude of contracts and missions that range from minutes to hours in length. Come up with a cool local co-op mode (two consoles) where they give us one target and have us see who can get the target got first. A portable device would work well with all of the additional elusive targets, user generated contracts, and upcoming season 2.

Whats your top 5?

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