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Top 5 Worst OFs Ever of 2015

In the last 365 I’ve declared many times that a certain Open Forum is the worst ever. Many Many times... So to avoid confusion I decided to create the definite list of Worst OFs of 2015!

Without further ado:

5. Dyram’s Open Forum. October 13, 2015


Who is this fool pretending to be? I bet he’s bald and smells like old diapers.

4. Unimplied’s Open Forum. October 20, 2015

Not only he changed the intro… he keeps on creating all these amazing gifs to incite people to comment on his OF. But the worst crime… this picture! UGH!

3. Evan Chamber’s Open Forum. August 12, 2015


Evan Chambers had some deplorable OF in 2015, he had this affliction of picking a bunch of terrible stock images and sometimes just terrible images to use as headers. But nothing can top his “Pet Companions” OF, Really Evan Chambers?! PETS?!

2. All of DS’s Open Forums :P


Sure he has worked his ass off with his Spacemon stories, he has helped cover all versions of the forums recently (OF, TTC, GS) and if you haven’t read his Album of the weeks posts then you should! Nevertheless, anything DS does is the worst ever… ‘nuff said.

1. Zarnyx’s Open Forum. December 31, 2015


I don’t need to give you a reason for this one, do I?

Some extra thoughts:

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