I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Everyone’s making top (insert thing) lists. I decided to get in on it. Now i present to you the top five number of hobbies to have. I aint gonna wait let the list begin!

  1. A non distinct number of hobbies - This many hobbies s a good point to be content with as I can only name some of my hobbies easily. Video Games, Cooking, Internetting, Making Arts, Sleeping, Reading, Comics/Cartoons/Manga/Anime, and Funny/Cute stuff. However there is much more to that list but i wont tell you because then i would have an actual number.
  2. 4 Hobbies - Is a good number of hobbies because it allows yourself to split your interest into quarters. and remember four quarters make a dollars worth of hobbies.
  3. All the hobbies - This seems like a bit much I mean having all the hobbies means your either a time lord who can indulge in everything or you neglect a ton of your hobbies and that’s bad man.
  4. 1 Hobby - you should get more hobbies nothing is wrong with having one facet that interests you but one... you should do some soul searching... maybe that can be a new hobby for you? then you’d have 2 which is better than one.
  5. No hobbies - Only dead people, boring people, and deadly boring people have no hobbies. GO GET A HOBBY don’t be boring or dead
  6. Some sort of idea of what you maybe like but havent had the nerve to actually check out. - JUST DO IT! EXPLORE YOUR INTERESTS! IF YOU DON’T LIKE THAT TRY SOMETHING ELSE DON’T LET HOBBIES YOU NEVER LOOKED INTO BECOME FLEETING TERROR SHIPS OF DOOM!

And there you have it folks a number of hobbies you should aim to have is like some amount that you have but not none and not too many! Lets enjoy our hobbies in the new year

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