In a brilliant display of business practice, FUN Creators, the studio behind Guise of the Wolf, which has been, for the most part, universally panned, have filed a copyright strike against TotalBiscuit for his not-so-glowing review of the game. TotalBiscuit himself addressed the issue on his Twitter account, once FUN Creators denied making the claim against his videos.

Since then, FUN Creators have stuck back, on Twitter, stating that the email shown by TotalBiscuit was photoshopped and have went so far as to say they are being blackmailed. Thus they have urged their follows, and others, whom may have visited their Twitter page, to believe them, while adding a tweet, with video proof, showing that the email does indeed seem legitimate.


However, this is not the first time TotalBiscuit has found himself in hot water with developers for his 'WTF is...' series. Previously, a copyright claim was filed against him by Wild Games Studio, the developers behind Day One: Garry's Incident, after allowing him to evaluate their game. The developers later retracted their claim, after an internet poop-storm, stating that 'monetizing wasn't mentioned in our communications and it was an error on our part to not have clarified the issue.


[Update 1] David Sievers, the Vice President at Maker Studios asserts the validity of the Copyright strike against Total Biscuit, stating it did, in fact, come from FUN Creators:


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[Update 2a] As pointed out by reader realitysconcierge (I apologize, as I completely overlooked the second link), FUN Creators responded to a forum discussion, on their Steam Community Hub, about a possible tactic they could employ against TotalBiscuit, regarding takedown notices.

However, FUN Creators responded to the forum poster with this:

"Yes, we can take down the videos, but why?

We are not enemies here!
TB is free to express his opinion.

It's better to update the game frequently and add new levels for you guys, this way I am sure TB will re-review it again.

Thanks for your advice but don't misunderstand TB, it's his style which may look harsh.


Their response to this post dates back to January 28, however it was edited less than a week ago, so we have to wonder if FUN Creators decided to take this idea to heart and if that post stated anything different. In case the post pulls a disappearing act, I have included a screenshot of the forum discussion.

[Update 2b] Reader K1ls found, and linked, the unedited forum post. Thanks!


[Update 3] FUN Creators have given one last warning to TotalBiscuit, stating he needs to delete his tweets, and his YouTube channel, or they will file a suit against him.

[Update 4] Merge Games, an Independent publisher based in Cheshire, England, whom last year signed a publishing agreement with FUN Creators for Guise of the Wolf, have taken to Twitter to assure TotalBiscuit that they are not associated with this debacle in any manner.


[Update 5] TotalBiscuit's 'WTF is...' of Guise of the Wolf has been restored to youTube, though there is still no word on the review stream video.


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I have contacted FUN Creators regarding this predicament and will relay any new information as it becomes available.


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