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Splatoon's Content Train Keeps Chugging Along, Treehouse Live Tonight

Just when you think that all we’re going to get from Splatoon is more duplicitous weapons and Splatfests, suddenly we’re getting a new mode tonight - “Tower Control” - and there will be a demonstration livestream tonight at 6 PM eastern/3 PM pacific.

The official Splatoon tumblr describes Tower Control mode as a new Ranked battle mode in which your team must protect a “tower” as it moves closer to a goal. One player has to be “riding” the tower in order for it to move. Whichever team moves the tower to their goal first, or moves it farther before time runs out, wins. Sounds like a mode for Chargers, Inkstrikes and Beakons.


The Treehouse Livestream starts tonight on Nintendo’s Twitch channel at twitch.tv/nintendo. It’s only a few hours before Tower Control goes live within Splatoon itself, but I’m greedy for the sneak peek anyway!

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