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I'm really feeling it!
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Toy Story Ø: The Shocking Background Stories!

This is Mike Mozart, 1 of the earliest Youtubers and the 1st Toy Reviewer on Youtube whom was missing for 2 years (My loyalty as a subscriber to him is pretty much level 60+...)


Mike Mozart’s video reveals that he had met with Joe Ranft, one of the lead writer’s on Toy Story (which sadly passed away in a car accident) and had asked why Toy Story had mistakes. But Joe Ranft said there are no mistakes...There was a lot of thought put into this.

Skip to 43 minutes to know the background of Toy Story 1 and 2. It includes these nagging loopholes in the storyline:

- Andy’s Father (seen on the staircase is Andy’s father childhood photos which explains the inconsistencies if you thought that was Andy). There are real explanations why you do not see many items of the father’s or his adult photos.


- Why Sheriff Woody is unicorn rare (and high quality for a doll). Or why Woody doesn’t know Woody Roundup’s fame.

- Al, his store, the obsession on Woody Roundup, how Al got the fortune to spend on the Roundup merchandise, and the origin of his creepy personality.


- Why the moving truck had a lot of empty space but the new house has a lot of furniture.

Surprising twists:

- Andy’s name under Sheriff Woody’s foot is not what we thought.

- Sheriff Woody, Slinky and Mr Potato’s...memories of Andy is not as truthful as we like to be... AHHHHH!!!



My conclusion: If there is another Toy Story movie, I want the prequel even if its dark...so dark that I really wonder about the experiences of the writers. This video does cut some Toy Story details which Mike Mozart would put up another video on.


There are also other interesting things in this video especially if you only read US news (unless you read British news). Some things might shock you.

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