Track: The Melancholy of a 35-Year-Old | Game: Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love | Composers: Masanori Adachi, Tomoko Sano, Kiyoshi Hazemoto.

Unlike Luigi, Tingle didn't have to beg for a video game of his own, as a matter of fact, Tingle got three games in the span of three years. Poor Luigi... It all feels like this was an impractical joke by Nintendo, and worst part of it all... these games were never released in the Americas (count us lucky, or maybe unlucky).

Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love is the third and last series of bizarre games. A single 35-year-old man is sucked into a book where he becomes Tingle, in which he travels along the pages accompanied by a scarecrow, a tin-woman, and a lion named Lion. The progress of the game is measured by how well Tingle interacts with the women in this Wizard of Oz parody... A dating simulator starring Tingle, Nintendo has answered our pleas. This song is extracted from the moment you step into Tingle's House and discover that he is a very sad man on the inside...


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