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Track: Yoshi on the Beach | Game: Yoshi's Story | Composer: Kazumi Totaka.

Criticized for being too easy and not living up to the standards set by Yoshi's Island, the N64 sequel will always rest under the shadow of it's predecessor. Worlds made of textiles and fabrics and an overall sense of happiness are the most common elements of the game produced by Takashi Tezuka and Hideki Konno. This track is extracted from the Shy Guy Ship level, where Yoshi has to avoid a barrage of Bob-ombs being shot from the Ship in the background, it is kinda funny how the song bears no relationship to the action occurring in the level.


Fun Fact: Kazumi Totaka also voices Yoshi.

Forgotten Cadences examines the less celebrated, but always unusual sounds of video game music.


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