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Over the weekend of June 8th and 9th, the second iteration of the ‘Brews and Battle’ tournament was held in Westminster, Colorado. It was a fun and successful event that was streamed and was a Red Bull Rise event. But in the aftermath, tragedy struck three well known people associated with the event, and the Colorado fighting game community.

This isn’t so much an article as it is a piece I wrote to bring awareness. I love the fighting game community, even though I can’t claim to be apart of it. Every weekend I’m just looking around for an event to tune into. The people involved are some of the most passionate individuals I’ve ever witnessed. All these great events that are organized every weekend, year round. They really do it for the love of the games.


Which is why I was so sad to hear about what happened to these three people recently. I was informed via twitter by FGC host Ginni Lou, who posted the following:

The Colorado fighting game community is coming together and organizing another event intended to raise funds for Lothan’s mother, and Mike and Ellis’ medical expenses. There aren’t any precise details on the event just yet. But you can try and stay apprised by following KoDee on twitter. That’s where I found out about the event. I may also write up a follow up to this when such information becomes available.


For now, if you feel that you can and want to help, you can donate to their GoFundMe pages. Every little bit helps. I’ll leaves links to all of them below. If you live in Colorado, consider attending the upcoming event. Even if you aren’t that into fighting games, people who attend say it’s a lot of fun and the people there are very friendly and more than open about teaching you about playing fighting games if you’re interested. I just figured that since I’m here and I love the FGC, I’d do what I can to try and help.

Ellis’ GoFundMe

Mike Woods’ GoFundMe

Lothan Henry III GoFundMe

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