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IT’S FINALLY HERE!! JRPG FANS REJOICE! It only took 9 years and a PC port to come stateside, but now we can finally continue Olivier’s Estelle and Joshua’s story. The first Trails in the Sky game is one of my all time favorite RPGs, but the ending left a void in my heart that can finally be filled. Words cannot express how happy I am, which is why this is my first article in like a year, albeit a short one. To intensify the hype, here’s the opening of the first game

and one of my favorite area themes




I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! 30 bucks is kind of steep when it comes to a PC port of a 9 year old psp game, but the huge amount of effort it took to translate it essentially out of love makes me glad I’m supporting XSeed and Carpe Fulgur by buying it full price. If you’re an RPG fan with money burning a hole in your pocket I recommend that you do the same.


Oh, and the Shantae games are on sale for Halloween if platformers are more your thing.

Also Olivier

So suave.

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