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Train Simulating n' Zombie Shooting

The Final Station is an upcoming PC survival, crafting, zombie shooting, train simulating, group managing, 2D exploration game. You know, that old yarn. You start out with nothing aside from your big, honkin’ train. You need to start looking around immediately to find a weapon. Each station stop is essentially a level and you need to find the railway code to move on to the next station.

Along the way you’ll find survivors.


You take them under your wing and they’ll be waiting for you at your train when you are ready to depart. Their first mistake was depending on me for survival. I’m not cruel... it’s just that I’m very inept. Two of them died on me before I even know how to manage them and take care of them. It’s the school of hard knocks.

The Final Station will be out sometime this summer on Steam and what’s here so far is already very intriguing and well fleshed out. My only criticism at this point would be that it can be hard to figure out the systems of the train management, but that’s not necessarily a complaint. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually. In the meantime though, you may not want to hitch a ride with me.

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