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Trainers Get Ready! A New Breed of Pokémon Battles Approaches...

Get your battlepads and dress up your Pikachu in her luchador attire because Pokkén Tournament, the Tekken-esque Pokémon title, is set up to storm the world in March 18!


In addition to the release date, Serebii.net has dug up the different game modes that will be available once the game launches. Pokkén Tournament supports local multiplayer where one player uses the TV screen while the second player uses the gamepad to play, sadly this mode halves the framerate. Fret not, in case you want to enjoy the game at its full 6oFPS there is an option to hook up two Wii Us via LAN multiplayer. Finally there are two options to play online battles via the Ranked Match and the less competitive Friendly Match.

And in case you missed it the sentient chandelier pokémon, Chandelure has joined the likes of Braixen, Mewtwo and Garchomp, who were added to the roster earlier this week.

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