A new season means a new set of shows to check out! here's my impressions for the shows I've caught up on so far! Sorry I've been so absent recently, but I'm working on this and a few other things too ... :3

One Week Friends

Interesting concept, that hasn't really been played out in anime before, yes it's kind of like 50 first dates the anime, but in a drama flavor rather than a comedy one. It has a sweet feel and the soft styled visuals really aid that whole feeling. Fujiyama-san has enough of an air of mystery to her for the viewer to understand why Hase-kun is so interested in her, it's a show I'm guessing is going to make me feel all the FEELS for, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Verdict: I'm gonna see where this one goes

Blade & Soul

Vapid emotionless husk of a character, with back breaking boobs, Alka, kills stuff because she's been framed for killing her master. Yes the character designs are pretty, but the animation is stiff and the story is tropes + fanservice. With a cookie cutter plot and shameless pandering to the otaku stereotype, I want my 24 minutes back please.


Verdict: I'm running like it's the plague


Standard sports anime incoming! I'm super biased, because I love sports anime, but I enjoyed this one. It's a show about two young high schoolers aiming for the nationals of volleyball, but the twist in this show is they hate each other! Our main character is from a small middle school with a bunch of amateurs he put together to form a team, and while the team fails spectacularly, he himself has talent. The other one carries his team, but doesn't respect anyone and therefore has no friends himself. These two opposites join the same high school team, will they form the strongest team? or fail totally? It kept me interested.


Verdict: I'm gonna see where this one goes

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manners & Hostel Behavior

What do you get when you throw a kid who wants peace and quiet into a inn styled home with a pervert, a drunk, an old woman, and a bookish girl? A seemingly standard rom-com anime that rises above it's trappings due to the sheer quality of execution of it's humor. I found myself laughing and enjoying myself despite the fact that I knew what the main story beats were going to be before they happened.


Verdict: I'm probably going to stick with this one

The Irregular at Magic High School

I think this show has potential, due to the fact that I read a portion of the light novel it's based on, but you would never know it from this episode. This episode moves super slowly, establishes a semi incestuous relationship, and an extremely overwrought class system with all the subtlety of a bulldozer. I know it gets better further down the road, but damn if the studio wanted to gain viewers at all, this episode certainly didn't do anything to help itself.


Verdict: I'm going to keep watching due to the source material but damn -_-

The Case Files of Young Kindaichi Returns

Very retro feeling mystery anime about a high school genius (at logic and deduction only as it happens). It's got a certain nostalgic feel to it, but it's not a bad thing at all. In fact, it's kind of charming actually. The animation has an updated retro vibe to it, and the opening theme does as well. The opening episode is a standard set-up to the mystery, but does enough to establish who Hajime Kindaichi is and why he's good at what he does.


Verdict: I'm gonna see where this one goes.

Captain Earth

Welp, I have no idea what's really going on right now, but damn if I'm not interested as all get out. It's got a real Star-Driver vibe to it, which makes sense because one of the creators of that show are working on this one. Basically our protagonist is the son of an astronaut (a captain) , who died fighting a big alien force (maybe?) and our protagonist is now a captain as well and is going to pilot a BIG mech. As far as I can tell this is going to be a big ole mind fuck of a mecha show, which hey I can dig every so often.


Verdict: Cautiously optimistic about this one