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Trainime New Season Impressions! Part 1

Welcome to the new edition of the Trainime new season impressions! I got a little behind on my anime this season, so it took me some time to catch up, sorry about that! (blame Destiny :3) This season's got some gems and some real stinkers, just like any other season, and I'm here to tell you what I've thought of the shows I've seen so far. Remember though, these are just my opinion and your mileage may vary :D

Gundam Reconguista in G


A new Gundam series that isn't based on little kids or toys?! Rejoice! The first two episodes of this series are a visual treat with a great pastel color scheme and fluid animation, though I'm still not sure if I like the horn things on the new Gundam. Our main character is likable and the second episode of the series takes a dark turn right at the end to prove that this series, like most other Gundam shows, isn't going to shy away from tough issues.

Verdict: I'm definitely going to continue watching this one!

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de or in English When Supernatural Battles Became Common Place is a show about a group of high school students get superpowers, though surprisingly, not much has changed for our main protagonist...because his power is absolutely useless! He just has a dark fire float over his hand, which isn't even hot, it just looks cool. He's a complete otaku and has Chuunibiyo syndrome (delusions of greatness, excessive fantasies, etc.) and this hasn't changed after he got his powers. This sets up some nice gags, and the jokes while constant, are hit or miss. The show has potential, but is just ok for now.

Verdict: I'm going to keep watching for now, but it's on the edge.

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji


Well the premise of this show is that our heroine is a young girl entering high school, who is so concerned about making friends that she lies to get in the good graces of the popular kids. It just so happens that she says she has a hot boyfriend, and snaps a picture of a random passerby in town. To her surprise he goes to her school! She asks for his help, but on one condition, that she becomes his dog! From there the show goes on to set up this sadist prince and our heroine and what their relationship will be. For me, this type of show doesn't really do much for me, especially when Sata the sadist boyfriend is such a creepy ass dude. I'm sure character development will soften him a bit, but yeesh.

Verdict: probably dropping it, but I might come back to it later if I hear some good things from the later episodes.


Cross Ange


No. Just No. This is probably up there with my least favorite first episode of the season, but we've got time left. If it's not the entirely fetishized first sequence where we focus on a singing half naked girl in a jet's butt, boobs and skimpy outfit, it's the space quidditch/lacrosse game, or the strange class system based on Mana and the mood whiplash we get from the heroine. Not my cup of tea to be sure, but it does have some nice mech design and cool dragons. If you don't mind the first 10 min or so to be completely wasted before even getting into real plot, give it a shot, you might enjoy it more than I.

Verdict: dropped.

World Trigger


Warning up front, I really enjoy the manga for this series, so I'm a little biased here. The premise is that aliens from another world/dimension called Neighbors are invading the earth and there is an organization called Border, with alien tech that can fight the Neighbors. Our protagonist, name goes here, is a high school student and trainee of Border and his life is seemingly going swimmingly until he meets a mysteriously powerful young man named Yuma Kuga. It's too bad that the animation for this series is not up to par with what I would expect. Yeah it looks just like the manga should, but it relies on still images pretty heavily in this episode, which is just a bummer.

Verdict: I'm going to watch, but hopefully the animation improves.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken


This is a short form anime about a crazy otaku and his wife. It's an unlikely pairing and the two don't get along great. It's a gag anime about otaku in essence. In my opinion a lot of the jokes fall flat, because they just rely on the crutch of otaku stereotypes. Some nice sight gags do work, but overall I just felt sad watching it, because the husband is kind of an ass to the wife.

Verdict: Dropping this one.

Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works


Ufotable strikes again! I've actually never seen a FATE show prior to this one so I was wondering if I would be lost while watching, but the prologue movie does a GREAT job of introducing you to the world and our main characters. Rin is an adorable character who does a good job of endearing herself to the viewer. The highlight of the episode is definitely the relationship between Rin and her servant Archer, though. The two of them are contentious while still being fond of each other and it's a great dynamic for them to play off each other with. The animation of this episode/movie is incredibly top notch, which makes me wonder how good will it be the whole way through?

Verdict: This was probably my favorite so far, I'll be glued to it all season

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete


What seemed to be a normal rom-com anime about a group of high schoolers in the astronomy club takes a surprising (and kind of dark and depressing) sci-fi turn at the end of it's first episode. The episode was strong even before the twist, if you like slice-of-life rom-com with a great cast that establishes chemistry almost instantly. The twist has left me with a number of questions and I think that it'll probably be enough to keep me hooked all season, I just expect a emotional roller coaster with this one.

Verdict: I'm excited for the next episode!

Madan no Ou to Vanadis


Madan no Ou to Vanadis is probably my pleasant surprise anime of the season. It's about a Duke, Tigre, who's an expert archer that's been captured by a rival war maiden who's bent on keeping him as a servant in her company. It's got some ecchi tones to it and it could devolve into a poorly conceived harem if executed poorly, but Tigre is exceedingly likable and the chemistry between him and the War Maiden draws you in. I'm hoping it rises to it's potential and becomes a fun medieval fantasy romping adventure.

Verdict: I loved the first episode, but could see it falling apart *crosses fingers*


Log Horizon 2


I don't normally do second seasons for this column, but it's Log Horizon, so I'll make an exception just this once. The gang is back! The animation team may have changed, but it's not so noticeable as to be bothersome, the story picks up a few months after the previous season ended and continues it's track of being awesome. A lot of the episode is set up, and it's not friendly to new viewers at all, but if you liked the adventures of Shiroe and crew before, it's still going to be a good time.

Verdict: Loved it!

Terra Formars


I wanted to like Terra Formars, I really did. It had a cool concept, to go to mars to stop an alien virus, created by genetically enhanced cockroaches used by humans to terraform Mars, who now want to kill all humans. The members of the team are genetically enhanced themselves and have super powers and transformations. It was all set to be a really cool seinen battle anime. Then the censorship stepped in. It's literally cutting about half of the screen off at any given time. I'm all for censoring some content when on the air, if it doesn't harm the show, but this show can not be watched censored, it doesn't work. If I'm missing about half an episode to black screens from censorship, I just can't watch it.

Verdict: waiting for the Blu-Ray

Denki-gai no Honya-san


Denki-gai is the entertaining comedy about a group of people working in a shop that sells ero books and videos. It's definitely a gag anime, but it also has the makings of a rom-com. While the comedy part of the episode definitely fairs better, the rom-com part is by no means bad either. It's a completely serviceable show about the lives of the employees here and is a good show to watch kind of as a palette cleanser.

Verdict: I'll be watching this one.

There we go! That's the first round of shows for the season, I'll be doing more of these as new shows come out and I get around to watching them. It's gonna be soon, don't worry! What did you guys think of these episodes so far? Agree with me? Disagree? let me know!

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