Hi guys! Welcome back to another round of impressions for the new season. So, I was a tad underwhelmed with the new shows this season, as of last week's set of impressions, there were a few that were truly interesting, but most were, just, kind of there. This week has turned that around drastically and a number of the shows in this post are ones I urge you give a shot, just because they show a ton of promise.

Nanana's Buried Treasure

Maybe my favorite show premiering this season so far, it's got humor in spades, a healthy dose of mystery and really nice visuals to it. Nanana's a ghost tied to the room where she died in, and our protagonist just happens to move into that room! Will he try to find out how she died? And just what kind of person was Nanana? Those are the questions driving this show.

Verdict: I'm definitely going to be watching this one.

Baby Steps

It's not often that the first episode of a show will make me go out and read all available manga chapters of it. Baby Steps pulled me into that place and the manga never let me go after that. This is the story of the honor student Maruo Eichiro, who doesn't really know what to do with his life, until he discovers tennis that is! The first episode showed a lot of promise on it's own merits, with some strongly animated tennis and likable characters, but it's where this story will go that has me over the moon with it. I hope this one gets popular, I really want to see all of the manga animated!


Verdict: I'm definitely watching this one!

No Game No Life

I really enjoyed the bright visuals and the overall story that goes along with this one, and the elder blank sibling seems to be up there in the ranks of shifty, cunning protagonists, but I really get uncomfortable when shows throw out the incest undertones throughout the show. No Game No Life is a show about two siblings who are NEETs and Hikikomoris, but are absolutely crazy good at games, what happens when they get transported to a world where the only rules are games? this is your basic premise. It's a show that could be really cool, but also one that could turn me off depending on how far they go with that sibling relationship.


Verdict: Cautiously Optimistic about this one.

Mekakucity Actors

This is so glaringly obviously a SHAFT produced show. If you like SHAFT, you will enjoy the everloving crap out of this show, if you don't you won't. I happen to like SHAFT, and it's giving off a very Bakemonogatari vibe to it, and I get the feeling we'll get information in a trickle just like the monogatari series. However, the world has a fantastic atmosphere and gorgeous visuals. Ene is a great sidekick to our Hikikomori protagonist, and their interactions make the episode. Looking forward to the next one!


Verdict: All aboard the hype train woo wooo!

Brynhildr in the Darkness

I like the episode aired here, but the OP did something to me that most don't. It gave me a vibe about where the show could be going and I didn't like it much. It gave off this overwhelming sense of angst, and that's just something I can't handle right now. Our main character seems to be a decent guy trying to fulfill the wish of his dead childhood friend (he caused her death), but at the same time they introduce a character who could be his friend, or maybe not, but maybe, but maybe not, buuuut maybe, or definitely not, but maaaaybe. You get the idea, they beat you over the head with this concept. It's got great animation, the music is fantastic, and has an interesting premise....buuuuuuut it's got about all the subtlety of a chainsaw.


Verdict: Cautiously optimistic about this one.

Black Bullet

The one show I watched this week that I was overwhelmingly disappointed by. It seems like they're blindly pulling tropes out of a hat and adding them to their plot. Main Protagonist with troubled past: check. Post apocalyptic setting: check. Villain with unsettling smile/mask: check. Loli fawning all over Main Protagonist: check. Childhood friend who's kinda stubborn: check. Daddy issues: check. I just never felt drawn in by this one. I could be wrong and it could evolve past it's trope filled start, but for now I just didn't enjoy it much.


Verdict: meh.