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Trainime - Summer Season 2014 Impressions Part 2!

Welcome to the second round of impressions from the season so far! There's a bunch of anime that premiered over the weekend, and I will get to them all, but this batch is only the next five. The next part may come later tonight or early tomorrow, we shall see :P anyway... The five I'm covering today are: Sabagebu, Aldnoah Zero, Sailor Moon Crystal, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and Sword Art Online II.

Update: For the first set of impressions and the third!



Special Disclaimer: TUT-Senpai! Stop don't read any further. Go Watch this episode right now. I was watching this and kept thinking, damn, TUT would like this show. It's got gun fanservice all over the place, and comedy in spades. Our main character is a tough girl who transfers from school to school because of her father's work. On the way to school she is saved by a strange character Miou wielding none other than 2 desert eagles. She is slowly drawn into the Survival Games Club, who are filled with strange and humorous characters. Not to mention Arnold Schwarzenegger as a narrator and owner of a gun shop. Throw all of this together and I really enjoyed this episode, it continually broke the fourth wall and dragged the viewer into a gag anime that had me in fits through the whole thing.

Aldnoah Zero


Aldnoah Zero, thank you, you've provided to me what Argevollen could not. Give me a GOOD mecha anime. Here we're provided the set up for a solar system wide war and two rivaling protagonists a-la Gundam's two leads. It's symbolism may be heavy handed at times, but it provides a strong emotional core, where you care for at least most of the characters involved. (Nao aside, he's strongly lacking in anything resembling a personality at the moment). I feel like it's going to be a strong show, but there are a few things holding it back from being a GREAT mecha anime. The shooting star scene felt like it was hitting the nail a little too hard on the head, and the aforementioned Nao, who has all of the personality to call out in monotone that a missile is coming. Seriously? you're going to stand there and just look at the missile as it streams toward you? Geez. That aside because I think his character may develop as the show moves forward, the show was good.

Verdict: Hopefully optimistic, I'm going to continue watching for now.

Sailor Moon Crystal


I have a confession to make, I always skipped out on the Sailor Moon franchise as a kid, as such I don't have much experience with the show. The reboot looked like a good start to see what the fuss was about. I have to say that I really wasn't thrilled with what I saw. I understand that the show was the one to originate the tropes that show up through this episode, but I feel like it made the whole thing feel stale and over done. Usagi also has one of the most annoying voices I've heard in anime in a while. It was OK, not terrible, but geez I don't understand all the hype. Granted again, I'm biased.

Verdict: I don't think I'll be following this

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


So this show is super entertaining. Chiyo our protagonist has a crush on her classmate Nozaki-kun and confesses to him one day after school, but he confuses this confession for her being one of his fans, because he is in fact a manga author/artist! The confusion between Chiyo and Nozaki and their hijinks through the episode is a source of great humor. I'm hopefully optimistic for this one.

Verdict: I'll be following this one

Sword Art Online II


The much anticipated Sword Art Online II is here. Crunchyroll even crashed while I was watching the episode, but here we go anyway. This show pre-supposes that you have watched the first season of the show, there is no recap or explanations given for newbies, if you haven't watched the first season and are interested in this show, start there. With that out of the way, Kirito is out of the game and meeting with Asuna in the real world, but if we ended our episode there nothing would happen. We're introduced briefly to the world of Gun Gale Online a MMO that has pro players in addition to the regular riff-raff. Somebody's been murdering people in GGO, in very mysterious ways and Kirito's the only person who can save them all. So back into the virtual world we go. It was nice to see some of the characters again, but this episode was all setup and not that interesting in my opinion. Also the villain's name "DEATH GUN" c'mon, really? you couldn't come up with anything more original?

Verdict: Watching to see where it goes, but I wasn't a big fan of SAO's second half of season 1.

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