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Trainime - Summer Season 2014 Impressions Part 4!

Welcome to the fourth edition of Trainime Summer Season Impressions! I'm starting to run out of ways to introduce these little bits of impressions, and we're only like half way through?! Ah well, as always I'm going through five more new shows airing this season today I'm covering: Ao Haru Ride, Jinsei, Momo Kyun Sword, Shonen Hollywood, Zankyou no Terror

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Ao Haru Ride

Welcome to the most shoujo anime ever. Seriously, if the pastel color, impressionist backgrounds didn't clue you in, then the extremely belligerent, but tortured and sensitive, but totally abusive male lead should be a big hint. I mean the episode starts off innocently enough, it's detailing the first love of our protagonist Futaba back in middle school, adorable right? It is. Right up until a completely contrived misunderstanding throws a wrench into the whole thing. All of a sudden our sweet male lead who is totally understandable to have a crush on becomes this complete Asswad. My enjoyment of the episode pretty much ends right there. It could come up with some good reason for the whole thing, but it seems pretty cliche right now.

Verdict: If you really like shoujo, you might enjoy this episode



So, Jinsei is our second show for this batch, it also was in a pretty weird spot for me in terms of enjoyment. The jokes were funny and enjoyable, but the set-up for getting everyone together felt very contrived and boring, but you know what maybe I should just turn my brain off and enjoy the very jokey first episode. That being said some of the jokes really work and then some don't at all. It reminds me of Noucome a bit, but not quite as well executed. I'll give it some time though, because it does have promise.

Verdict: meh, but I'm gonna continue on for now.

Momo Kyun Sword


Fanservice. Fanservice anywhere and everywhere in this episode. It's supposed to be about a gender swapped version of the Japanese folk tale Momotaro, but really what it is about is boobs. The narrator even goes so far as to place emphasis on them. If you want some real cleavage based anime I guess this will do it for you, but I'm not going to waste my time on this pretty dull show, it's too bad to because Wednesday is a pretty barren day as far as shows go.

Verdict: Boobs aren't enough to save this episode

Shonen Hollywood


15 years ago a group of idols took Japan by storm and then suddenly broke up, now a group of young boys are taking up the mantle of that famous group. Too bad we have no idea who these young men are or why we should care. Soulless, cryptic platitudes flow forth from the manager of the group of idols who are to be our protagonists. Who each in turn say that what he's saying goes over their heads. That doesn't seem to matter as he just keeps spewing them. Maybe why the old group split up is because he wouldn't shut up. Seriously this show seems very manufactured and none of the characters seem relatable or even have a personality beyond SUPER broad strokes.

Verdict: UGH

Zankyou No Terror


Thank goodness for Zankyou no Terror. If it weren't for this episode this impressions piece would look pretty bleak, I wasn't really a fan of the shows above, but that's definitely not the case here. The tension you feel through throughout this episode can be cut with a knife and our protagonists definitely aren't heroes. In fact they're terrorists. We don't know much about them or their cause yet, all we know is that they've now dragged one of their classmates into their mess and that they aren't above stealing a nuclear device either. This show is big on questions and light on answers, but sometimes, just sometimes that makes for intriguing viewing. I found myself extremely curious as to what's actually going on and Terror laid out all of the pieces in a fascinating way. I look forward to next week's installment!

Verdict: This one is plenty interesting, so I'm gonna follow it!

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